i am gonna reply to all the hobbit/lotr stuff in my ask, i just don’t have the energy to do that right now because i have the flu

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So here’s my list of my fave blogs. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! :) 
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Anonymous asked for: Sherlock Holmes | Green & Brown

Anonymous asked for: Sherlock Holmes | Green & Brown

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But that's the case with most movies today. You can't complain about just one when it's the case with all of the movies. At least you aren't one of those people who like boycotts a movie or says its bad because there are 2 women or w/e in it. And you said this, but I don't think JRR Tolkien was the most open minded person. Considering when the books were written, it was more acceptable.

yeah, the source material for it is a definite problem — i’m not going to go into the politics of tolkien. with how much else they’ve been comfortable changing in both lotr and the hobbit (apparently, i’ve only read the book of the hobbit), they could have given, i don’t know, some girl hobbits or elves a few lines. just to balance things out.

it’s definitely true that as a general rule, we see more male characters on screen than female. i’m not advocating for the hobbit to be turned into a feminist masterpiece. however, i think that the bigger a film is, the more aware of it’s gender politics it should be. and i do discuss gender issues in reference to most films, it just so happens that while i’ve been on tumblr (which is like, a month), the hobbit has been the one big thing around. well, and star trek, but i don’t know people who work on star trek and i can’t judge it from the trailers, although … lbr that’s gonna be problematic as fuck as well.

i’ll never boycott something because it’s problematic. there isn’t a single show or movie i enjoy that isn’t really problematic. the key is recognising the problems and balancing that with enjoyment. like i said, truth resists simplicity, things are never black and white. things can be good and problematic and both of those things can exist in harmony.

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And I'm sure there are just as many male extras that don't have any lines. Extras usually don't. I don't think this is a serious gender issue that needs to be fixed.

my point is not about extras but about actual speaking parts. there is a huge disparity in the gender ratio there. if you don’t see an issue with that, that’s fine. you’re entitled to that opinion. my opinion is that that is an issue that needs to be talked about.

by all accounts, the film is actually pretty decent, so i’m sure you - and i, when i go this week - will enjoy it. and spoiler alert: it can both be good and problematic. truth defies simplicity and all that.

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No i know you don't know them - but those are two pretty large female roles in the trilogy. it's not like there are only 2 women in the entire film.

no, i mean there are women in it who … don’t speak.

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galadriel? or evangeline's elf ?

lmao, yeah, i’m just casually friends with cate blanchett.

no, she plays a hobbit who speaks in the third film.

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tbh the bigger concern with the hobbit (since the race stuff was one guy acting on his own, according to official statements but that might be bullshit ANYWAY) the bigger concern is the gender stuff. i know the book doesn’t have many women in it, but like … in the whole triology of films, there are two speaking parts for women, and one of them is one line in the third film. like. okay.

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